Ya know how pregnancy scrambles your brain in strange and unpredictable ways? Let me share such a moment so you may thank God you’re not currently knocked up and utterly scattered or explain to your hubby why you just did what you did, if you’re glowing from the life within.

I finally used my springform cake pan!

I bought it last year on the advice of a recipe for Pecan Pie Cheesecake, but for that I used a pre-made Nilla Wafer pie crust. After the initial excitement of owning such an “official” baking tool I lost the gumption to actually make a fancy cake. What do I know about using springform pans? What’s so springy about them? Are there actual springs in the bottom so when the cake is done it literally springs from the pan? Yikes! Too many unknowns for my little perfectionist heart so I tucked it away for that magical day called Someday…

Today is Someday! Apple crumb cake in a springform pan here I come!

Whipping up batter, crumble, and chopped apples took about 20 minutes. I added homemade chai spice in lieu of cinnamon for a festive flavor. 

Then came the fun part: spreading the batter in the pan, topping with apples and crumble, and trying to spread another layer of batter on very moveable apple chunks and crumbly bits. Nothing stayed in its proper layer! Frustration rising, I smacked the batter trying in vain to make it behave. Then I remembered my goal to try creativity and not strive for perfection. So I dumped more apples and crumble on top and called it a cake.After waiting 45 long minutes, I pulled out the most beautiful apple crumb cake I’ve ever seen! Preggo hormones went wild as I teared up over this masterpiece I created! And I discovered what a springform pan does: the sides are released from the bottom plate by a spring latch making it easier to remove the cake without dumping it upside down. Genius!

Now the side latch is opened and I just lift off the sides without disturbing the cake!

Once cooled and removed, I found a raised cake platter and felt quite fancy as I slid my cake on its pedestal. It really warranted museum lights and velvet ropes, but I settled for artfully displaying it on the dining room table. 

As Hubby pulled up, I whisked the glaze and drizzled decoratively. Pretty snazzy for a first-time not-from-a-box cake baker! He walked in, I dazzled with brilliance, and he began gagging uncontrollably. 

Apparently, pregnancy makes my brain read something that isn’t there. With my first pregnancy, I read “maple syrup” on the jar where it really said “molasses”, bought it, took it home, and poured it all over the Bacon Wrapped Maple Glazed Chicken for that night’s dinner. 

Let me just tell you… one is not like the other!

For tonight’s Preggo Brain Debacle, my eyes added “vinegar” to the “apple cider” for the glaze. 

Again… one is not like the other!

Preggo hormones again went wild as my pride was crushed beneath apple cider vinegar fumes. With Hubby gagging and Baby Boy crying from all the ruckus, I slid my masterpiece off its pedestal into the trash. The overpowering stench still clung, so I trudged out to the dumpster and threw in my attempt at a creative moment.

The next day… Hubby left for work suggesting he could just buy an apple cake cuz now he REALLY wanted one. I kinda laughed but that got my hackles up. No store bought cake was going on my pedestal! I tried again and this time used apple cider sans vinegar for the glaze.

It. Was. Ah-may-za-zing!

Two lessons learned from this experience:

1. The most important baking rule is no vinegar on cakes! Should be a given but not taught often enough.

2. Trying again is good for the soul.